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Christopher Rozruch[1] is the pseudonym of Marginálie developer, Rob Ward. He is currently working on Marginálie alongside a novel, the first in a series called Call Them Soldiers, which he first conceived of in 2007-8 when he first saw the effects of Facebook in the community around him as he was working at a further education college for kids with "special needs" and behavioural problems in the English West Midlands. Currently, he is living in Prague in the Czech Republic[2] and may be contacted at His website,[3] is not a high priority but if his output here and on Marginálie is not disinhibited and lo-fi enough for you, you could take a squint at what happens when a guy with ADHD really lets it all hang out.

He is currently involved in writing and building Marginálie, recording videos and podcasts, and writing the introduction to Call Them Soldiers. He also ought to continue to set up (and use) the Plemora instance he has set up, if only to write about the experience.

Should you follow me on social media as krozruch on my / our very own Plural Polis, Prague, marginalie_eu on Twitter, which I am using seldom, on Mastodon, or indeed if you are on on Keybase where you will find me as @krozruch, please feel free to prompt me to work on some of the items below.

On Bandcamp, I am krozruch.


For donation, please see the Marginálie donation page.

Current priority:

  • WTF Then Must be Done?
  • Work on Zero
  • Work on Flask

Reasoning: I must put together Issue Zero and get it out there.

Recent efforts:



  1. Notes on Passport
  • Story of a Photograph *
  • Toast (possible choose another?)
  • Contributor page
  • Acknowledgements with details of fonts etc
  • Find more public domain texts and excerpts
  • Read old Stay Clean draft - revive?


  1. Temp MS present as work-in-progress beta release
  2. Re-learn how to create and add torrent using mktorrent
  3. Read over Qubes OS
  • Investigate ebook formats and creation


  1. Backup protocol to tech zim
  2. Update protocol to tech zim
  3. Fix Signup extenion
  4. Backup to


  1. irl: moderation questions
  2. Look into moderation


  1. Favouritism with Pleroma
  2. Book Club
  3. Windrush on Jitsi
  4. Issue Zero progress report - Jitsi to YouTube

  1. Pull, simplify, or improve


  • Select those damn first lines! *
  • css for three columns
  • photo backing, shrink or lose
  • text-only footer assembled from asciidoc doc attribute block with shorthand licence and < 3 > page numbers
  • text-only header assembled from asciidoc doc attribute block with home-button Marginálie title and doc title, version, author


  • Think through router


  1. Continue debugging asciidoc in python 3
  2. Work towards publish script which will build from asciidoc MS
  3. Create template for each license type
  • html to asciidoc
  • links to footnotes
  • link tool (broken internal links, links to footnotes, descriptions)
  • Revisit Flask mega-tutorial
  • Brief for Pampeliška / Omnia distro

Call Them Soldiers

  • Real time writing, a post with Monty Python's novel writing
  • Tidy up the README and the disclaimer in Think Soldier!
  • Unfuck branching mess in Osnova.
  • Make notes on the decomposition scene which may come at the end


  1. Look into problem with Call Them Soldiers submodule. Move?



  1. Get out with a camera
  2. Find dates for exhibitions, live gigs etc
  • Try Blender


  1. Orientalism
  • An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States
  • Daniel Ellsberg
  • Christopher Isherwood
  • Short story classics
  • Mistr a Markétka
  • Choctaw book
  • Paul Durcan


  1. Cillian Rozruch in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man[ic Depressive]
  2. Though he may soon be making wine in Moravia by the looks of things.
  3. The domain was host to Radical Transparency for a couple of years, and indeed, I have just found it archived, though I have pulled the wwebsite and GitHub repository.