Plural Polis, Prague

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Plural Polis, Prague is, at time of writing, an instance of Pleroma, a federated social networking solution which runs on the ActivityPub open standard, meaning that it is compatible with Mastodon and other alternatives. The name Plural Polis comes from the notion, developed over time, largely unconsciously, as a part of the process that was the writing and rewriting of the first drafts of Call Them Soldiers when it came alive in 2017, that Václav Benda's phrasing in his concept of a parallel polis was not merely unfortunate. It was in the Underground University of the resistance in Call Them Soldiers that krozruch began to look into bureaucracies of resistance and how they express themselves. Rather than one vanguard, one united resistance, a solidarity of opposition, he thought, we need many many resilient communities. You don't create a diverse open society without first being one.

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