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Marginálie interviews may be conducted here in situ on the wiki, or questions may be developed here to be asked in person. Interviews which have been edited and answered here by the interviewees should be locked. In some instances, pages may be created for interviews on a given topic or field. In these cases, interviewees who apply to join the wiki on the basis of their suitability to answer these questions may create a new page under their own name ie. "Interview - Bruce Schneier".

Proposed interviews need not be 100% realistic. Questions direct our thinking even without an answer. In many cases they may direct us the more without an answer, since both our education systems and political systems give ample evidence of what happens when poor answers are binded to potentially decent questions like anti-nutrients to taste and neural receptors. Lists of questions will serve any number of purposes. The questions we would ask a Boris Johnson or a Nigel Farage, or ask of their work, for example, will lead us down any number of productive paths.

Interview proposals