History is on the Make

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History is on the Make is the first book of Call Them Soldiers, intended to be serialised with the Marginálie web zine. It describes the fortunes of Spread, former chief of the Choctaw Nation, as he looks back on his encounters with Anne and Hanta, the latter of whom developed the Blunktenserver Transport, a protocol which was used for secure communication and delivered the Call Them Soldiers manuscripts which would be distributed as part of the former's Literary Famine Walk programme. The Choctaw Nation are living in the Yukon in Northern Canada following a series of environmental and nuclear catastrophes. The Call Them Soldiers manuscripts, which appear to tell of the last days of Manchester in England, have been at the centre of a political dispute which means that the Choctaw Nation's role has been distorted. Spread is trying to tell his own story so as to set things straight though his belief in politics and everything he gave his life to has been tested.